ISARC Membership


Membership in the Illinois Search and Rescue Council shall be open to all organizations, and public safety agencies responsible for, and directly involved with, search, rescue, and/or disaster response operations, provided that such individuals, organizations, and public safety agencies meet the criteria for membership established by the Board of Directors.


To apply for membership, please complete and submit an organizational member application form. If you have questions, please contact Board Treasurer Carol Lussky, or email us.

Membership Benefits

Membership in ISARC provides a number of benefits to local SAR organizations. ￿ Some of these benefits include:

•         Networking opportunities with other teams and organizations in the Illinois SAR Community

•         Advanced training opportunities provided by the Council

•         Discounts on attendance at the annual Illinois SAR Conference

•         Access to ISARC rescources by calling hotline (We make the calls for the member agency)


Membership Categories

Organizational Member

Public safety agencies and non-governmental organizations providing search, rescue, and/or recovery services to the public may become Organizational Members of the Council.  Non-governmental organizations must be sponsored by a local, county, or state public safety agency for organizational membership.


Organizational Membership is restricted to non-governmental organizations and public safety agencies indigenous to the State of Illinois. The exception is a local office, bureau, chapter, or other official subdivision of a federal agency, national organization, or multi-state regional organization providing search, rescue, recovery, and/or recovery services within the State of Illinois.


Supporting Member

A business, organization, agency, or other legal entity not directly involved in search, rescue, recovery, and/or disaster response operations that is interested in supporting the activities and objectives of the Illinois Search and Rescue Council may become a Supporting Member upon meeting the criteria established by the Board of Directors.


Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership may be awarded in recognition of outstanding service or support to the Illinois Search and Rescue Council or for distinguished emergency response service within the scope of search, rescue, and recovery services to the community. Recognition of service may be local, state, national, or international in scope. Honorary Membership is only awarded through action of the Board of Directors.